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About Us

Transform the world and preserve the environment through sustainable devotion, innovative FUNctionality and ingenious designs, and inspiring pictures.

A sustainable brand founded during the Covid lockdown boredom intends to keep people smiling by translating little things we encounter in life into designs.

Tina Aileen is a photographer and fashion designer with degrees from Central Saint Martin’s Fashion Design Womenswear. During her time in St. Martin’s, she encountered a UK-based charity called TRAID, which inspired her to dedicate her life in eco-fashion. Design is a way to solving problems with aesthetics. “I found great satisfaction in designing items by utilising limited (sometimes weird) materials. Every items made are unique with their own stories.” Tina Aileen said, “I also circulate the items as much as I can, in order to minimised waste. Every items returned to Tina Aileen will go to Tunalien,  an upcycle clothing library founded by her.”  10% of the profit gained would be donated to support environmental and humanity projects.

To find out more about Tina Aileen and her photography, videography works, please visit  Pictures of Devotion or follow her Instagram account @tan2tina. She also partners with her husband  in their photography and videography business – The Snapshot Cafe: and