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01 — You are special, so as your imagery. We treat every shoot a process to create art piece. Let’s create beautiful memory together.

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Chic Photography & Cinematography

Timeless Chic is the style we strive for. Our combined approach of photography and cinematography ensure a seamless service and quality control of the imagery which meant to you.

Tailor-made Experience

As you are unique and special in your way, you deserve an experience like no other. We only accept a limited amount of bookings to ensure we are able to take great care of each client’s journey from consultation to final collection reveal.


Many of our clients said we brought out the best in them with our image artistry. Some even said they have never seen themselves in the way we see them. We treat our clients with love. We hope this kind of love would be translated into our imagery which moves you, as well as pleasing to the eyes.

Sustainability At Heart

People . LOVE . Stories


Original  & Organic
Creative Direction
Human Connection

Tina Aileen

Tina Aileen

Creative Director

Photographer/ Cinematographer/ Fashion Designer

Professional Photography Experience: 13+
Specialties: Pre-weddings & Weddings, Fashion, Portraiture
Favourite Destinations: Italy, France, Spain, Ireland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Indonesia, Japan


Bespoke Customisation

02 — The Steps: Our service commitment

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Like what you see? Fill up our contact form below, or email us directly. We will get in touch as soon as possible.

Consultation & Booking

Virtual and In-person consultation available. Discuss the shoot of your dream, the style and materials we will use to make the vision became a reality.

Have fun

We are experts in playing with different emotions, joints, actions, textures, colours and lighting. A client once questioned us when he looked at his photos, ‘How can you make it so magical?’ Trust us and enjoy the process. Clients find us down to earth and easy to work with.

Reveal & Delivery

You are welcome to collect the soft copies and printed collection in our studio. We can also deliver them to you in 7 working days after the sign off of final collection. 


We would love to know you more and the way we can serve you. Fill up the form below or email directly: