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Futuristic Romance meets FUNctionality
Exquisite Sustainable Luxury Crafted with
Intimate Human Connection
Designed and Crafted in London


Bespoke print creation translate those little things in life  into designs
Tell Your Story, Wear Our Identity


Bespoke Customisation

02 — The Steps
Personalise your item

Browse The Collection

Explore our store and pick the style(s) you like. You can place an order directly or contact us directly with the SKU number.

Chat With A Stylist

Virtual and In-person consultation available. Discuss the shape of the product which will fit you and the occasion, the prints and materials we will use and measurements taking.

For retailers, we understood all shops carry their personalities, we are happy to discuss how our products can add value to your shops.

Making The Product

We will keep you updated on the progress. For straight forward orders, the production time could be around 7-10 days. Some items may require fitting. The production time lasts 3-4 weeks after the confirmation of the order and final design.

Delivery & Collection

You are welcome to collect the item in our studio. We can also deliver it to you in 7 working days after the production.


Not just another piece of design.

03 — The People’s Journal
To learn more our projects

Luxury Details with Fashionable Architectural Qualities

We know how important for you to be sure you look the best and feel comfortable wherever you go. In our Opulent and Chic range, you can find quality finishing besides our unique designs. We do not sacrifice comfort over designs, vice versa.

The details you can count on:

French Seams & Bias Binding – Not easy to snag, strong and beautiful

Internal Structure – Some of our designs have another layer of structure between lining and shell fabrics. You cannot see them, but they make such a difference in terms of holding the design elements together and prolong durability

Easy Care Materials – We know you are busy, so we hand pick easy care materials to make your clothes which you can stuck in a suitcase and wear them with little or no steaming


Bespoke Made To Measure | Pre-Order

01 — Embrace Slow Fashion
We treat every item as an art piece. Our made-to-measure items are crafted by in-house artisans in London.

We collaborate with different artists to tell stories about humanity and celebrate creativity.

We use vintage accessories – like zips and vintage buttons, no two pieces are exactly the same.

We accept pre-orders. For bulk production, we vet our suppliers and make sure they are sustainable before placing orders.

Cannot wait? Shop in our stockists for faster delivery.


Circular Model – The items returned will be upcycled and sold or rented out in our sister brand Tunalien

Recycle Materials – We use Vintage Zips and Buttons and source recycled man-made fibres if any needed for our designs

Design with Zero-waste Methods – We use a lot of origami methods to create designs. We also use the off-cuts to create another special range of clothes with co-creation in mind.