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At the heart of our ethos lies the seamless fusion of Futuristic Romance with Functional Sophistication. As a proudly female-founded Sustainable Luxury brand, we are dedicated to redefining the boundaries of fashion by embracing innovation and sustainability in equal measure. Our creations not only embody timeless elegance and avant-garde aesthetics but also prioritise the intricate Human Connection woven into every thread. With each piece, we invite you to embark on a journey where style meets substance, and luxury intertwines with purpose.

Tina Aileen epitomises the intersection of artistry and innovation, blending her talents as both a visionary photographer and a distinguished fashion designer. Armed with a prestigious education from Central Saint Martin’s, where she honed her craft in Fashion Design Womenswear, Tina embarked on a transformative journey that would shape her into a beacon of eco-conscious elegance.

Her formative years at Central Saint Martin’s intersected with a profound encounter with the UK-based charity TRAID, igniting a fervent passion for eco-fashion within her soul. For Tina, design transcends mere aesthetics; it’s a powerful tool for solving societal and environmental challenges. “I derive immense satisfaction from crafting garments using unconventional materials,” she shares. Each piece tells a unique story, woven from the fabric of sustainability and imbued with a distinctive allure.

She briefly worked in Mint Designs in Tokyo. Her love affair with Japanese culture blossomed, leaving an indelible imprint on her artistic vision. Infused with the elegance and precision of Japanese aesthetics, her creations exude a captivating allure, marrying Eastern sensibilities with Western innovation. In addition to her deep appreciation for Japanese culture, Tina finds inspiration in the rich tapestry of Chinese, Indonesian, and Turkish cultures, each holding a special place in her heart.

With an unwavering commitment to sustainability, Tina has pioneered the concept of upcycling, breathing new life into discarded textile products and transforming them into exquisite works of wearable art. Every creation bears the mark of her ingenuity and conscience, a testament to her dedication to minimising waste and maximising beauty.

Tina’s ethos extends beyond the realm of fashion; it’s a philosophy that permeates every aspect of her life and business. In a bold move towards sustainability, she founded Tunalien, an upcycle clothing library that serves as a sanctuary for cherished garments seeking new homes. Here, the narrative continues, as each piece embarks on a journey of renewal and reinvention.

Driven by a profound sense of responsibility towards the planet and its inhabitants, Tina pledges to donate 10% of her profits to support environmental and humanitarian projects. It’s a testament to her unwavering commitment to effecting positive change, one stitch at a time.

To delve deeper into Tina Aileen’s captivating world of creativity and vision, explore her captivating photography and videography works on Pictures of Devotion or follow her on Instagram @tinaaileenweddings. Additionally, she collaborates with her husband in their esteemed photography and videography venture, The Snapshot Cafe, where storytelling meets artistry: and



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