Using the calico used for toiling as a label. I was so proud to write my sister’s name on the dress. This drapey silver Galaxia dress is made for her who helped me and the family throughout the years.

I almost couldn’t continue my last year at Central Saint Martins because of family finance. At that time, we had to pay the international student school fees, which was quite a lot. Almost prepared to pack my bags. My sister tried everywhere to get help while I tried my channels! We managed to find just enough to pay last year’s school fee the day the school started (about 7days after father broke the news).

There is no better gift I can give her other than a dress that concludes years of development. Thanks for ordering this dress with the shiny silver fabric. I believe you will shine bright with it.

From day 1, I have intended to use this brand to help others, because this would not happen without help from others.

Comment or leave a message with your size if you want to get the design in the type of fabric you like. Free styling consultation provided.